Hi friends

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sext: let’s google ‘lucid dreaming’ and practice every night until we both create the same landscapes and situations in our sleep wherein we can meet one another, and when we wake up in the morning we can turn to one another and smile knowing that we’ve just shared the same experience even though we’ve ostensibly been separated by the distance of our planes of consciousness all night long


making eye contact with someone you hate:


Pierce The Veil - The Boy Who Could Fly [video credit]


its like boys are the oscars and im leonardo dicaprio


Like Moths to Flames by Dan Bassini on Flickr.


if you tell someone ‘no’ and they respond with “FINE……….” or “guess ill be all alone….” or “its okay im used to having my hopes crushed…….” or any of that guilt-inducing passive aggressive fuckery, cut them straight out of your life because you never deserve to feel bad for setting boundaries or speaking your mind.